Keep At It

Have you ever felt like you are taking two steps forward and ten steps backward? You move in circles and there’s no progress in your life? You feel like you putting so much effort in your relationships, marriages, ministry, studies, children, career, business, and all other aspects in your life but nothing comes out of it? Feelings of uncertainty? Where you feel like you’ve put so much effort but still no results to show? Have you ever felt like you are a failure after so much work you’ve put? You’ve done all that needs to be done but still no results showing?

You’ve been working so hard to accomplish something and still not seeing the level of benefits matching with your hard work, remember Simon. His boat was empty after toiling all night and still caught no fish. But Jesus, the Redeemer, got into the boat….sat down and began to teach the multitude.

Weakness is always a platform for His strength, every single time. Do not overlook your emptiness. Your greatest testimony which will change lives shall come out of your emptiness.

We live in the world where battles are thrown in us daily, this is just an indication that life is war, reading motivational books is not sufficient to navigate this warzone, we must therefore be on the lifeline. Life is too complicated to be lived on the surface as if we are not aware of the enemy’s tactics and schemes.

I’ve realised how risky It is to live life outside of place of prayer. Engaging in constant prayer not only guarantees your triumphs but also the peace which you can ever fathom. You’ll begin to see anxiety burning away, not because everything is working out, but because your eyes are enlightened and the enemy’s schemes are exposed. At this moment you fighting the right battles wherein victory is guaranteed.

Don’t wait to be pushed into the place of prayer. Life is complicated that we need to stay in touch with Jesus to survive and thrive in it.

Everyone is using something in this world, because if you don’t use something, you’ll be used for something else. The question is what are you using?? …. Use PRAYER. The security of your future is in the edge you build around you. Always be on guard and pray without ceasing.

You’ve got this. Don’ t despair.

Keep At It
Keep Praying

From my heart to yours


24 thoughts on “Keep At It

  1. Inspiring. What you wrote here is very true accurate. i was experiencing these feelings everytime i finished praying. i felt light and some-what, okay with life.

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