Exhortations With Shazzy

Sanctuary Of Greatness.


The motive behind the blog is to:

• Connect with people from different walks of life, particularly women in sharing their purpose stories.
• Sharing inspiring content to fully pursue God-given mandates and be the best version of ourselves.
• Experiencing moments with inspirational stories from physically challenged people who strove for greatness against all odds.
• Am an extreme bookworm. I’ll be reviewing some of the books which impacted my life. I would like to recommend and share them with you.
• Create a safe place where together we can be transparent, honest and vulnerable. Sharing our highs and lows towards greatness.
• Over and above all to study the word of God in depth and be good stewards of Christ.
• And of course lots of FUN in between

Explore the World of Possibilities.

Physically challenged people❤❤

Am all about change and purpose, specifically for women in South Africa. This platform will give me an opportunity to represent South Africa for what it truly is and become an advocate to drive change and empowering women to be intentional in walking in their purposes and become the best version of themselves.

A safe place where together we can be transparent, honest and vulnerable.


Defying the odds against all odds.


Book Reviews

Exclusivity of Content

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